WYNWYN seeks to provide a one-stop shop to help users search what they need, locate what they need and get what they need for all products, services and menu items no matter where they are in the world.

WYNWYN also seeks to help businesses by providing a forum where customers who would not otherwise know where to find products, services or menu items in a particular location at any time.

How to use


Simply enter the Product, Service or Menu Item into the appropriate text box on the homepage, enter the city, state or zip code where you want the search conducted, select the distance, then click the “WynWyn Search” button.

The search results will show a listing with the name, address and website, plus a map that plots the location of every merchant that has entered their Products, Services and/or Menu Items within your selected location. The more merchants that join, the easier it will be for you to find: What You Need When You Need.


Sign-up for a new account from the homepage, select the length of time you want to have your Products, Services and/or Menu Items stored on WYNWYN, complete the account creation and payment process, enter your Products, Services and/or Menu Items into the text box and prepare for increased exposure to your business.

If a user searches for a Product, Service or Menu Item that you entered into the text box within the same geographic area, then your company’s name, contact information and a link to your website will appear on the user’s search results alongside a map plotting the location of your establishment.